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Friday, 17 September 2010

red and blue milky way ad

the red and blue milky way ad.
do a script analysis,
greedy red is fat - cannot make the vital leap over the ravine because red is FAT/
the blue makes the jump because it went the milky way...
looks very Bill Plympton. (I will investigate). thread.

first released 1989, re-released 2010, recession?

there is another one - Satellite and Meteor - grim copy, more dated somehow.

on this tip - TRIO - a jacobs chocolate biscuit with caramel in three segments - had an extended run with loud girl character and a two piece hippy band. hey man! also John Peel voice over tag line. it was one of those transcending ads that became popular culture and impersonated on the street.

Like clifford the dragon's Listerine - fresh breath 'puff - hello!' - the subsequent versions lacked the spark. trying to recreate the spontaneous magic of the first ones, but failing.

When ads become self referential they are failing their job. the Lloyds bank ad with a fat banker who is asking 'where's the black horse?' and happy when he sees it. equally as bad as any halifax ads.

compilation of 80's ads here seems to be a lot of fairytale ads. the nokia, the lloyds,

mark Craste of Studio Aka has changed the Lloyds vibe - but there is still a horse - inside of a dot of the dots on the typo card at the end... very nearly gone, but not quite.

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