the accumulation of material that washes up onto the beach of John Parry's shore

A sack of objet trouvé. Ultimately they will be put into drawers and labeled, but until then, until classification and what could be called a collection, they will be arranged by date.

Friday, 17 September 2010


Quite liking this blog, at the moment, Drawn Why? good set of links, and a taste that transcends the borders of processes, and is lightfoot.
eg talking of Aaron leightons Spirit city...
"I recently snagged a copy of Aaron Leighton’s Spirit City Toronto from Koyama Press.

Inserting drawings of creatures into real-world photos may not be new (see: Monster’s in Real Places, Aaron Brady’s Magic Camera, and Avid Liongoren’s Project 365)

but there’s something about Aaron’s simple geometric spirit creatures inserted into the seemingly mundane landscape of urban Toronto that really resonates with me. He manages to turn an environment that’s familiar to me into something otherworldly.


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