the accumulation of material that washes up onto the beach of John Parry's shore

A sack of objet trouvé. Ultimately they will be put into drawers and labeled, but until then, until classification and what could be called a collection, they will be arranged by date.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Nowa ksiazka (new book 1975)

New book 1975
Zbigniew 'Zbig' Rybczynski, of Tango fame. uses nine continuous shots over ten minutes and choreographs his characters through the frames and story - one of the cameras is on a bus - and is worth a second look at the incident other than that of the main protagonist.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo, a jailed Chinese rights activist, has won the 2010 Nobel Peace prize, prompting a strong reaction from China.

Announcing the award in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, on Friday, Thorbjoern Jagland, the Norwegian Nobel Committee chairman, said Liu was a symbol for the fight for human rights in China.

"China has become a big power in economic terms as well as political terms, and it is normal that big powers should be under criticism,'' he said .

Liu is in prison for helping to organise and disseminate a document called Charter 08, which calls for sweeping political reforms in China, including freedom of assembly, expression and religion. The 54-year-old literary critic and former professor was sentenced last Christmas Day to 11 years in jail for subversion.

In response to the Oslo announcement, China said that giving the prize to "criminal" Liu ran contrary to the principles of the award, and warned ties with Norway would suffer.

Monday, 11 October 2010

carl stalling Documentary

"Stalling was consistently an innovator. He was the first music director to extensively use the metronome to time film scores. He was one of three composers, along with Max Steiner and Scott Bradley, credited with the invention of the click track. His stock-in-trade was the "musical pun," where he used references to popular songs, or even classical pieces, to add a dimension of humor to the action on the screen. Working with legendary directors Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, Robert McKimson, and Chuck Jones, he developed the "Looney Tunes" style of very rapid and tightly coordinated musical cues, punctuated with both instrumental and recorded sound effects."

david shrigley

the hilbert curve

The Hilbert curve is a space filling curve that visits every point in a square grid with a size of 2×2, 4×4, 8×8, 16×16, or any other power of 2. It was first described by David Hilbert in 1892. The basic elements of the Hilbert curves are what I call "cups" (a square with one open side) and "joins" (a vector that joins two cups). The "open" side of a cup can be top, bottom, left or right. In addition, every cup has two end-points, and each of these can be the "entry" point or the "exit" point. So, there are eight possible varieties of cups. In practice, a Hilbert curve uses only four types of cups. In a similar vein, a join has a direction: up, down, left or right.
can work in 3D (image 2).

Friday, 8 October 2010

RSA animate

A lecture, The Empathic Civilisation, by Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. it and many others are animated by RSA animate and done large on a drywipe board. super image/text accompaniment to go with some great talks.

It really is a wow, the man barely pauses for breath.

For over 250 years the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has been a cradle of enlightenment thinking and a force for social progress. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, politically independent and combines cutting edge research and policy development with practical action.
the RSA
8 John Adam Street

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ginger Baker Jams

Ginger Baker Jams Rhubarb Ginger Baker Drummer.

Also, Tony Allen playing in Bristol tomorrow, 7/10/10. link.

story and stuff

this is an interesting site. story fanatic
dramatica I havn't fully explored - but it may or may not be good. I tend to steer clear of rigid dogma. see their 12 questions and see for yourself.

I like this though. temple of the seven golden camels a good collection of links, and a frequently posted site by Mr Mark Kennedy, a storyboard artist in CA.

a good line from the dramatica 12 essential questions was "Every story is set against the issues which arise from a single problem. The problem itself will fall into one of four broad categories. If you want the problem to grow out of a situation, then choose Situation; if you want the problem to emanate from an activity, then choose Activity. If you want the problem to evolve from fixed attitudes and states of mind, then choose Fixed Attitude; and if you want the problem to result from the characters' manipulations and ways of thinking, then choose Manipulation." see more detail here
and this breakdown of Toy Story illuminates the dramatica agenda quite well. some food for thought there.

Robert McKee - guru or not?
Nick Cage and Brian Cox in Adaption, written by Charlie Kauffman Dir. Spike Jonze.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


good collector of Place pictures, here, Keef. keef is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His thesis film—a twelve minute experimental meditation on memory titled No Exit—won a record-breaking three Dusty Awards for Best Alternative Cinema, Best Editing, and Best Directing. He has a rather good website.

Olly Moss posters Olly Moss' site he has some neat ideas, such as redesigns for classic games (above).

Keith Loutit’s awesome tilt-shift time-lapse "This is a personal project that would not have been possible without the support of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. Thanks to the entire team for their generous access during training exercises and patrols this Summer." Keith Loutit

tilt shift collection

useful conversion chart

wondered how many pixels in an inch or centimeter?
this may assist, (------)the designers toolbox.
while we are on this - The grid - the gridsystem -
Eg - 30 word press grid systems
art in my coffee drawings in Latte
Lucid movement things in super slo-mo

wordle - cheesey word manipulation gizmo
280slides - unwatermarked presentation device similar to powerpoint, not bad.

I digress, the grid, the banner, have shivered into standards - and these are to be used, rather than ignored, or reinvented.