the accumulation of material that washes up onto the beach of John Parry's shore

A sack of objet trouvé. Ultimately they will be put into drawers and labeled, but until then, until classification and what could be called a collection, they will be arranged by date.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Rico LeBrun

- At the start of Disney’s production of Bambi, Rico LeBrun, an established Italian artist, who was teaching at Chouinard Institute, was employed to help teach the studio’s artists to learn how to draw animals. He created some intense classes where animators concentrated on the anatomy of deer and other animals. The story goes that LeBrun went so far as to cut open a deer’s corpse and slowly peel away parts of the animal for drawing and study.

good animation blog - Michael Sporn animation
lots of good things here...

look at November for example

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

what the bods are writing about.

the abstracts of the papers delivered at the recent aniimation conference in Edinburgh this Summer. an event hosted by SAS Society of Animation studies.

bike or Car? Bristol Blog with definite car bias

It may make walking less pleasant, but it isn't enough to stop the locals and students from getting in our way...
this blog about Bristol Traffic is written in a voice that would like to erase pedestrians and cyclists and make a beautiful place for cars and vans to park where ever they please.
Good pictures of Bristol, but lots of posts! too many, erring on the obsessive.