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A sack of objet trouvé. Ultimately they will be put into drawers and labeled, but until then, until classification and what could be called a collection, they will be arranged by date.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

interesting exhibition "menu"

went to ReAnimate Exhibition in Newtown, on til 22 Aug 2010. what I found, and liked as an idea were the hooks that had matt/frosted laminated menus of the screening and the order of play, and duration... when you are done just hang them back up.
they were an odd format, about A4 length but narrower. A good idea to suggest for next year show, perhaps.
Also whist we are on it, they made a good pen to screen work in. sides 4 x (8x4),roof 4 x (8x4)but lengthways,
walls short end down - so space is 16 x 8 x 8. imagine these three side by side// just a few benches in side them. black painted walls and roof - open ended opposite screening wall.

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