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Friday, 30 July 2010

Film UK shutting down

Jeremy Hunt Culture and media Secretary
Caution here when flaming this closure as a bad thing. it is worth a little reflection. An article from Prospect magazine in December reveals the salereies of some of the key personnel as being hugely inflated.
... A DCMS written reply this summer confirmed that four executives are earning more than a cabinet minister (that is, more than £144,520). Others argue that, if bonuses are included, the figure is actually seven. These figures bear no comparison to salaries in the industry itself: the head of development is on a cool £165,000 a year, at least three times the industry norm. Given these salaries, it is not surprising that the last four year’s accounts show overheads running at a staggering £8m—more than the total government funding for the bodies the UKFC replaced. The accounts also show that these overheads make up 25 per cent of the income that the Council derives from its lottery income. In 2008, for example, the UKFC received £29.7m in direct lottery grants and another £5.7m in recoupment from previous lottery investments. Besides spending £8m on itself, the UKFC put not one penny of its return from films back into film production, a feat it has managed every year that it has existed.
My thoughts about schemes are that schemes are good, but they do exert editorial control over the work produced, and that work becomes dilute, and manipulated by the scheme.
More films, less money, less editorial control over content. Less hefty saleries for the scheme honchos. shutting down maybe good to save these overinflated wages - but if it is at the expense of film funding - then not so good.

For Balance - there is a good Guardian Article about the closure. and out of it - this is a worrying quote;
No one I've spoken to is encouraged by the line in culture secretary Jeremy Hunt's statement that reads: "The changes I have proposed today would help us deliver fantastic culture, media and sport, while ensuring value for money for the public and transparency about where taxpayers' money is spent."

Jeremy Hunt - what does he look like?
Charity shops - there's another thing...

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