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Thursday, 5 August 2010

model making opportunity in Budapest

Deadline August 15 (it was the 31 july, so they are looking to fill spots) - - for a one week workshop in MOME, Budapest. (€150 incl accomodation seems a bargain to me)...
Location: Budapest
Number of participants: 15
Language of the workshop: english
Duration of the workshop: 23-29 August 2010
Tuition fee: 150 euro (we do not charge tuition fee for participants coming from V4 countries)
The tuition fee includes the followings: workshops, lectures, studio visits, accommodation, berakfast and lunch every day during the workshop.
Application: please download the application form from here and send it attached with your resume to Szandra Deutsch
Application deadline: 15th of August 2010

Stop motion animation has a great tradition in Eastern Europe. We are inviting young professionals to be a part of that heritage by practicing and improving their stop motion animation skills. We are offering an opportunity for the participants to learn from the best animators, in order to reach a higher level in stop motion animating.

If you would like to learn how to merge the traditional hand- made puppet animation and the digital technique, and if you are interested in puppet fabrication, special effects, and digital postproduction, send your application form and your resume to the following email address:
Lecturers will come from the following partner institutes:

• The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan
• Film School Zlín
• Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava

The following themes will be covered during the workshops:

• Basic puppet techniques
• Basic animation movements
• Advanced animation movements (jump, flying, lip sync, face gestures etc.)
• Effect animation (rain, smoke, fog, liquids, fire, sparkling, etc.)
• Lighting
• Sound editing
• Timing for animation
• CGI postproduction
• Production and postproduction studio visit in Budapest

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