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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Beer o Clock

(A Babylonian tablet inscribed with the directions for brewing beer (c. 3100BC). It is part of a series of tablets that account for an order of 134,813 liters of barley to be delivered to the brewery at the temple of Inanna in Uruk over the course of 37 months!)
Is it Beer O'Clock?

Our Survey says... info from a Survey by Brewers SABMiller compiled the Time for a Beer report.

"Beer O'clock at 6.14pm demonstrates how the idea of swift pint at early doors is a distant memory."

More than 7500 drinkers were studied. The Dutch start drinking latest at 7.19pm, while Germans are last to leave the bar.

Calling time

Shows average time of first drink of the day and average time of last drink of the day.

Country First Beer Last Beer

Denmark 16.14 22.44

Slovakia 17.14 21.24

Poland 17.25 22.02

Spain 17.46 21.05

Hungary 17.55 21.23

France 17.58 20.33

Sweden 18.06 22.14

Czech Rep 18.12 22.39

Britain 18.14 22.37

Belgium 18.18 22.06

Romania 18.27 21.57

Germany 18.35 22.59

Russia 18.42 22.25

Italy 19.07 22.51

Holland 19.19 22.49

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