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Friday, 9 July 2010

Music of Timetables - for Stations On the Yamanote Line
Hagihara Yoshiaki
© Copyright-HAGIHARA Yoshiaki (634479914140)
Record Label: HAGIHARA Yoshiaki

track 11 Takadanobaba Station - For the Robot Boy
track 16 Komagome Station - For Morton Feldman
track 23 Akihabara Station - For Modern Visual Culture
(Whilst we are on subject of music - CDbaby is good - has samples and previews)
this is close in audio terms to binary thoughts. I have a new hero. I am in love.

First, there was a purple phase. When it was layered 21 times with each BPM ...
Yoshiaki HAGIHARA says; It is said that a Japanese railway timetable is famous about its punctuality. One day I wondered. "OK, I know its punctuality, too. But how punctual is it?"

Yoshiaki HAGIHARA website

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