the accumulation of material that washes up onto the beach of John Parry's shore

A sack of objet trouvé. Ultimately they will be put into drawers and labeled, but until then, until classification and what could be called a collection, they will be arranged by date.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Thursday 22 July -Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown

Newtown, Powys. the Oriel-davies Gallery is going from strength to strength. the current exhibition is called Re:animate, and runs til 22 August. There is a dedicated screening night in our temporary, informal ‘cinema’ space in the Gallery on Thursday 22 July, 7.30pm (duration approx 80mins). The rest of RE:animate will also be open to view.
some names;
Kate Allen, Edwina Ashton, Bermingham & Robinson, Sara Bjarland, Patrick Blower , Pia Borg, Richard Bowers, Sara Brannan, Savinder Bual, Bronwen Buckeridge , John R Burns, Ruth Carter & Tom Gilhespy, Joe Clark, Criostoir, Kristian de la Riva , Helen Grove-White, Anne Guest, Adam Kossoff, Jo Lawrence, Sharon Leahy-Clark, Ruth Martindale, Duncan McKellar, Georgina McNamara, Sophie Michael, Sibyl Montague, Helena Öhman McCardle, Sam Rees, William Rounce, James Snazell, Mary Somerville, Sally Stevens, Chris Stockbridge, Tim Stokes, Jacki Storey, David Theobald, Annabel Tilley, Sean Vicary, Neil Wissink and Simon Woolham

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