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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

bike or Car? Bristol Blog with definite car bias

It may make walking less pleasant, but it isn't enough to stop the locals and students from getting in our way...
this blog about Bristol Traffic is written in a voice that would like to erase pedestrians and cyclists and make a beautiful place for cars and vans to park where ever they please.
Good pictures of Bristol, but lots of posts! too many, erring on the obsessive.

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  1. we are a team project so there is less need for an individual to be obsessive. Furthermore as the coverage is collected on our journeys round the city (or the massage parlours of stokes croft) it doesn't take up much time. We welcome contributions for better coverage, though please add text consistent with the rest of the site. And, as you have noticed, we aren't that fussy about photo quality.

    The Bristol Traffic Team.