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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

story and stuff

this is an interesting site. story fanatic
dramatica I havn't fully explored - but it may or may not be good. I tend to steer clear of rigid dogma. see their 12 questions and see for yourself.

I like this though. temple of the seven golden camels a good collection of links, and a frequently posted site by Mr Mark Kennedy, a storyboard artist in CA.

a good line from the dramatica 12 essential questions was "Every story is set against the issues which arise from a single problem. The problem itself will fall into one of four broad categories. If you want the problem to grow out of a situation, then choose Situation; if you want the problem to emanate from an activity, then choose Activity. If you want the problem to evolve from fixed attitudes and states of mind, then choose Fixed Attitude; and if you want the problem to result from the characters' manipulations and ways of thinking, then choose Manipulation." see more detail here
and this breakdown of Toy Story illuminates the dramatica agenda quite well. some food for thought there.

Robert McKee - guru or not?
Nick Cage and Brian Cox in Adaption, written by Charlie Kauffman Dir. Spike Jonze.

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